Ideas of Grandeur

Does anyone ever have ideas of grandeur? I do all the time. I’m all like this is going to be amazing. I make all of these plans, and then never follow through. I remember telling one of my girlfriends once that I am an amazing planner. She looked at me like I was crazy and started naming off all of the things that did not go as planned. Then, and here is the kicker, I have horrible follow through.
Yep, I can admit it…

Excellent planner, horrible at follow through.

Take this blog for example. I decided, and planned, that I would have something crafty or insightful to say at least twice a week. Turns out I have had nothing to say since starting it. I was going to show you how I refinished a dresser, but instead I decided it was too much work and gave up (who knew that it took so many hours to strip and sand a dresser). I was going to write a cute and witty post about how fun it is to watch my baby grow up, she is able to stand on her own know and can even take a couple steps before she falls back onto her bum and starts laughing. But alas, none of that has happened….

So, I am going to change that. My new motto will be…

Excellent Planner, Amazing at Follow Through.

Olivia is going to be one in October, and I have all of these ideas flowing through my head of how grand her party is going to be. Check out my Pinterest, amazing ideas right? I have just about a month to get everything in order and organized. I know I can do it. It will be the best party ever. I already have about 10 different lists of things to do. Amazing planner I tell you, amazing. Hopefully, I do not leave everything to the last minute, I can do this.


Hi.  I have decided to start a Blog.  Why, cause everyone else is, and I am easily susceptible to peer pressure 😉  

I (Patti) just turned 33 years old, I have one husband (Steven) and one daughter (Livy), and two spiteful old cats (Leelu Dallas and Layla), who love my husband and could care less about me and my daughter.  

I love crafts and spending time with the aforementioned people, and hate cleaning.  I work part-time as a paralegal and dream of one day living on the water.

Shall we let the adventure begin….